LevyRacing Series 1 Wheels (2) 17×9 Front & (2) 17×11 Rears

by on 21 April 2010

LevyRacing Series 1 Wheels (2) 17x9 Front & (2) 17x11 Rears


My prototype wheels have arrived. I have done all the test fitting and they clear even the biggest of my 6 piston brake systems.
The sizes are 17×9 with ether a 24mm offset or a 13mm offset, that’s 5.95″ backspace or 5.5″ backspace. These will fit mark 1,2 and 3
The rears I have are 17×11 with 6.5″ (13mm), 6.75″ (19mm) and 7″ (26mm) backspaces. That will fit the mark3 and the coupe while filling the wheel wells correctly.

The 3 colors that are available are black, gunmetal and natural clear-coated. We can also do chrome (call).

These wheels will also fit Fox Mustang, SN95 and S197 Mustangs.

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