Competition Bump Steer Pro Kit

by on 14 June 2010

Competition Bump Steer Pro Kit

Make that front-end more manageable under uneven road surfaces


Designed by our Engineer, Matthew Carpenter, this kit decreases the toe change in the FFR from 1/4” per 1 inch of suspension travel to .003” per 4 inches of suspension travel. The kit also increases the negative camber gain through the travel to allow for less initial camber when setting the alignment. The kit includes, rack relocation brackets and bushings, adjustable ball joints, tie rods, and longer steering shaft.

The adjustable ball joints allow for adjustment of roll center and camber gain.

These kits fit FFR mark 1&2 or mark 3 that had a different mounting bracket.

Note: please call 520-494-2745 to discuss your existing steering set-up before ordering this kit.

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