408 Top-End Kit

by on 27 April 2011

408 Top-End Kit


I have quite a few requests for the same engine parts that we use in our engine and I decided to put together some packages for those who want to build their own engines.
I have put together different stages of packages down to a complete, everything you need to complete, engine package.
This kit includes:
  • RHS 215 CC heads with adjustable guide plates
  • 7/16” studs
  • custom moly push rods
  • pro-magnum or Harlan-Sharp rocker
  • Victor Jr intake

There are several upgrades that can be done
Full head porting- we have done this with the RHS heads and got 335CFM intake and 240 cfm exhaust at .700” lift.
$1100 + heads
Solid roller upgrade
This includes cam, lifters, NASCAR style valve springs, tool steel retainers. As an upgrade- $795 Installed in TE1 or TE2- $1295
Steel- $279
Aluminum- $389
LR superlite clutch and flywheel assy- $895
Complete MSD ignition systems-include 6AL box, Blaster 3 coil and pro-billit Distributor w/no vacumn advance- $599

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