Mustang Performance

We’ve been passionate about current and vintage Mustangs since the day we opened our first shop. From stock to full race cars, we have the experience to make your dream street or race car everything you expect and more!

Services offered for Mustangs:

  • Chassis fabrication
  • Roll cages
  • Custom race or street suspensions
  • Race, street, or restoration parts
  • Full body and paint
  • Engine building
  • Custom transmissions
  • Differential service and set up

We have built racing Mustangs for: Vintage B Production, Vintage Trans-Am, Vintage A sedan, Super production, A sedan, Camaro Mustang Challenge, American Iron, American Iron Extreme and Pro sedan

Pro Touring

So, just what is a pro touring car? It’s a classic car updated with modern components. For the past decade, LR Classics has been one of America’s leaders in Pro touring cars. Thanks to new technology, we now have the power to transform a 1960’s Mustang or Camaro (as well as virtually any car from that era) by updating the suspension, drive train, and other amenities. The result? A classic look and daily drivability.

These cars have A/C, Fuel injection, 5 speed gear boxes, and handling that will rival any modern performance car. Remember, these are hand built to your specifications.

The Levy Pro Tour Revolution
How did Levy racing help revolutionize an industry? We enhanced the development of Pro Touring cars by building dual purpose cars. Our replicas of SCCA Trans-Am muscle cars super serve your need for a touring car that can be used on the race track! These 60’s and 70’s beauties are built for high speed touring with modern driveline and suspension components.

Now for the first time ever, you can experience high speed touring in Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, Challengers, and other muscle cars, in air-conditioned comfort. These road rockets emulate the Trans-Am muscle cars of PARNELLI Jones, Dan Gurney, Mark Donohue, and other legendary drivers while utilizing modern engines, transmissions, wheel/tires, brakes and suspension components. It all adds up to maximum drivability with the look and nostalgia of the classic muscle car.

Want a daily driver like no other? Call us.